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The Man Who Made Washington Work                      As Seen on PBS

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This 90-minute documentary tells the story of James A. Baker, III, a remarkable American politician and statesman who represents a time when our government functioned, when Congress got things done, when presidents and politicians worked together.


Baker helped get three presidents elected, served in top posts for two of them, and was a central player in some of the most momentous events of the late 20th century.


With candid testimony from Baker, and first hand accounts from former presidents Clinton, Carter, and George H.W. Bush, former Secretaries of State Rice and Kissinger, former Vice president Cheney, as well as a host of other Washington insiders, journalists and historians, the James Baker documentary The Man Who Made Washington Work is an eye-opening behind-the-scenes story of power, persuasion and diplomacy at the highest levels.

About the Film
James Baker Accidental Operative
James Baker the Campaigner

Baker helped to secure the election of President Gerald Ford and earned the nickname Washington’s “Miracle Man.”

As Reagan’s second term drew to a close, Vice President George H. W. Bush decided to run for president. He asked Baker to lead his campaign – and Baker accepted. The gloves came off during the campaign, but despite the negativity – or perhaps because of it – the Bush team won comfortably in November.

James Baker Coalition Builder
James Baker Diplomacy Coalition

In 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded the neighboring country of Kuwait, a blatant act of aggression. All eyes were on the United States, the world’s “lone” superpower, to see how it would react. It was up to Baker and Bush to show the world that the U.S. could respond appropriately.

A coalition is a group of diverse entities that come together for a common cause. On a small scale, a coalition may be a group of people. On a larger scale, it could be made up of multiple organizations or nations. Frequently the entities within a coalition have differing viewpoints or beliefs, which they attempt to bridge via the coalition.



In 1970, James Baker chairs George H.W. Bush’s unsuccessful Senate campaign.

Extra Media

Watch exclusive footage, interviews, and get a look behind the scenes.


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